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Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time. While not all slip and fall injuries are compensable, it is necessary to contact an expert to understand what you may be entitled to receive for your injury.

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Birmingham Slip & Fall Injury Attorneys

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can occur unexpectedly, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. In the unfortunate event that you are injured in a slip and fall accident, it is essential to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Birmingham to help you understand what compensation you may be entitled to. 

At Oros & Associates, we treat every case with the undivided attention and care it deserves, as every case is unique. During your free consultation, we at Oros & Associates will work with you to uncover the potential negligence or carelessness of a property owner.

Alabama Slip and Fall Statue of Limitations

Code of Alabama Section 6-2-38 places a two-year deadline for “all actions for any injury to the other person or rights of another.” In other words, the statute of Limitation to file a claim in Alabama for any type of personal injury, including slip and fall accidents, is two years.

Potential Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

Below are some examples of fatal incidents and injuries that have led to successful claims of slip and fall injuries. The owner’s negligence may have caused dangerous conditions such as:

  • Debris on the floor
  • Wet floors and/or puddles
  • Merchandise or products stored inadequately
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Objects on the floor
  • Broken stairs or handrails
  • Cracked/damaged flooring

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Common Slip and Fall Instances

Oftentimes, people slip and fall due to a dangerous condition on a property that may have been caused by the owner’s negligence. Injuries often occur from slip and fall accidents. With early and aggressive investigation, it makes it less difficult to prove that the owner did know about the dangerous condition or that they created the dangerous condition.

Proving a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall cases are often difficult to prove because the law requires you to prove that the owner of the property either created the dangerous condition or that they knew about the dangerous condition or reasonably should have known about it and knew that it posed a danger before the accident. Property owners will consistently deny that they knew about the dangerous condition or knew that it posed a hazard.

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Statue of Limitations

Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries

Common Slip & Fall Instances

Proving a Slip & Fall

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